Tourbook connects musicians, theatre companies, dancers, comedians and more with the veues, festivals and programmers looking to book events for their audiences.
Tourbook is an ongoing SaaS project and is committed to providing better infrasturcture and access to the performing arts for all.

Showcasing for Everyone
Tourbook has been built to give everyone in touring performing arts a platform to showcase their work at it's very best - offering customised profiles and pages for Tours, Venues, Performers and Programmers.

User Research & Planning
Tourbook supports a wide range of different users and provide cusomtised features and experiences to help each to find what is most useful for them. Planning and implementation of the platform involved extensive planning and research, understanding user personas, needs and journeys.

Searching & Filtering
In order to find just what you need, Tourbook includes custom filtering for each type of page or profile - enabling users to discover tours, venues or programmers by genre, location, capacity, availability and more..
Making Connections
Tourbook is focused on connecting a whole range of people and helping at every stage of the tour planning journey - from making connections, to booking events and sharing marketing and technical resources.

As well as the platform itself, we have deveoped a range of publicity and support resources to help engage potential and existing users with the product and features available from the platform.

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